Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You...say things.

This is an honest-to-goodness-gracious conversation that just happened via text:

Martin: You won't believe what I just did.
Me: You deleted your site...you contracted HIV from monkeys....you figured out nuclear fission and have blasted off into space...the possibilities are endless.
Martin: I threw my phone in the trash at mcd's. And when i realized I lost it, I went back, sacked up and rifled through the trash bin.
Me: That's infinitely better than anything I could have come up with! Did you find it?
Martin: Uh...how else would I be talking to you?
Me: Point made.

Holy Saint Jeebus, I question my sanity and that of my future children. I seriously wonder how I make it through my day to day life sometimes.


  1. Yes, but those will be some text-savvy children...

  2. Paige, I can only hope that they will have that going for them...